The Shopify Olympics

$100,000 in Cash Prizes

world's greatest drop-shipping competition

The Shopify Olympics is a drop-shipping competition with cash prizes that is open for anyone to join and participate in with a total prize pool of $100,000!

Started by Sebastian Esqueda and myself, the Shopify Olympics served as a fun community building activity as well as a incentive for many of our community members and newcomers to begin their entrepreneurial journey today!

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Minor prize: 15 people will win $5,000 at random (provided they start a store with our link and generate $500 or more).

Grand prize: One person will win $25,000 (who ever generates the most out of everyone during the competition). 



7.5K Entries

With a dedicated active community in the Ecom Revolution Discord server, regular coaching calls, and endless resources provided by ourselves and our sponsors, the competitors had everything they needed to launch a proper ecom store.

And they did.

We had well over 7,500 entries into the competition.

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