Sebastian Ghiorghiu

24 yr Old Self-Made Millionaire, YouTuber & Serial Entrepreneur

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Hi, I'm

Sebastian Ghiorghiu

I’m a 24 year old digital entrepreneur. I have been in the Ecommerce space for several years, and I mainly post informative & motivational content on my YouTube channel about finance and business. 

My parents immigrated to this country when they were teenagers and raised me with very low income. I have a personal agenda to bring my family and myself to a whole different level of wealth and education. I aspire to provide the information and guidance I never had access to but wish I had to as many people as I can reach.

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From the Very Beginning

To This Very Moment

The Starting Point

Growing up in Detroit with my 3 siblings and my single mother, we weren't able to afford anything.

We did not have money, but I knew I HAD to become wealthy because I understood the pain it caused me.

First Taste of Money

I started working at Taco Bell & KFC making $8.25/hour. Getting my first paycheck of $90 at the time felt crazy to me.

Continuing to save up and grind, I worked multiple jobs car vacuuming, care-giving and in auto-glass sales.

Discovering Dropshipping

After deciding to go to school for real-estate, I wanted to make money online in the meantime.

This is when I first discovered dropshipping.

After a few failures, my first successful store made me $35,000.

My YouTube Journey Begins

At this point, I'd had my first $2k day and was full-time dropshipping.

I decided to post my first video on YouTube, talking about my experiences with dropshipping.

Very soon, one of my videos went viral and my channel began to blow up.

The Big Change

YouTube, dropshipping, and my course was bringing in lots of money. After a couple years of being comfortable, I decided it was time to make big changes in my life.

I took a break from YouTube, started losing weight, going to the gym, and taking dropshipping more seriously.

Disease & Turning Point

When the pandemic began, I broke up with my girlfriend, and moved back to my mom's.

I was depressed.

After getting sick of it, I started a Google Ads agency, which was my first 7-figure business, and flipped a house.

Becoming a Warrior

My agency was doing amazing, I got back into YouTube, I started building my dream house, and overall, I was making a lot of money.

At this point, I started getting into crypto and investing, which allowed my money to compound.

Promising Future

This is where I am now.

I'm 24, have multiple dream cars, building my dream house, plan to marry my current girlfriend, and feeling better and more fulfilled about life every single day.

Life is good.

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